this is me

I dont know where to start, this is my very first blog. What is blog anyway? They say you can tell everyone about what you know and learn and basically Sharing about Life. Oh i like that, but in most cases im not really good of putting thoughts in words. So who am i? I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls, i am a Nurse by profession and my husband has his Farm to take care.

My life is a very ordinary one, like everyone i clean the house, take care of my kids needs, go shopping and go to work. But in everyday living i have a personal connection with God. By the way i forgot I am Very religious person. I connect every little things with the  Creator. My kids used to say “we have to pray all the time, that’s what Mama said”. Even in my social media account i posted all about God. So you guys will expect that this blog will contain about God’s words and my day to day experiences with Him.

This is all for now.



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